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Oh you thought you were never going to see another book review by me… right? Nope! You know that I love my book reviews. I figured I could indulge in my love of reviews by reviewing self-help books. I know, genius idea.

So here we are, ready for the first book review of 2021! As usual, this might have some spoilers, so if you don’t want to hear about those, skip down to the “Would I recommend this book?” Here’s all the details of this book:

Book Title: Wise as Fu*k: Simple Truths to Guide You Through the Sh*tstorms of Life
Author: Gary John Bishop
Main Theme: Self-Help

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Happy Sunday folks! Hope you all had a great weekend, and I’m sorry if your pick for the Super Bowl didn’t go as planned…

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My Covid test came back negative, but I was still sick for over a week. Blah, no fun! But I’m finally feeling better (as well as a 26 week pregnant lady can feel) and slowly getting back into my routine. You wouldn’t believe how many naps I took while out for the week. 😪

May be an image of Andi Alverson, standing, grass and text that says '20 EXOTIC 20 AG MAKE AMERICA 2020 EXOTICAG'
Only 13 more weeks until Miss Ava is here!

I’m revving up my engines to pump out some new blog posts this week. Yay! So keep on a look out for those. Also, is there any blog posts that YOU would be interested to read about? I’m all for suggestions! 🙂

Up next for my blog… a book review! You thought that I would actually completely stop my book reviews? No way! I love my books to much. It should be posted a couple of days after you see this blog post. Until then, stay happy folks! 💗

Happy Thursday!

Normally I would have a new blog post up for all of you to enjoy, but as of right now… I’m stuck in quarantine. 😷

I do not think I have Covid-19, but I have experienced some symptoms and my boss and I agreed that a Covid test and quarantining for the rest of the week would be a good idea. I am waiting for my results, which hopefully would be soon. In the mean time, I have experienced lots of sneezing, fatigue, and going through tissues like you wouldn’t believe, so I’m taking the rest of the week off from my blog and I hope to see you guys next week!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy my friends! ♡

What do you do when things just aren’t okay?

I would love to start this post out with something positive, like an uplifting quote or a cute saying like “Happy Friday!” But right now, that’s not what this post is about. Sometimes, things are rough, and no matter how much self-care or positive thinking you do, you are just not okay. And that’s what I want to talk about today.

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If it isn’t super obvious by now, I love me some self-care practices. While it may not look like my life is super crazy all the time, I really enjoy taking a day off every now and then and putting in some self-care rituals. And do you know what the best part is? Self-care can be tailored for anyone on any budget!

That’s right, you don’t have to spend a lot of $$$ to get the self-care that you need. Sure, splurging and spoiling yourself isn’t a bad idea every now and then, but if you are looking for some daily, inexpensive ideas, look no further than right here!

So get ready for some great ideas for your next self-care day. And by all means, if I leave something out, put it in the comments! We love all ideas around here.

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