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In my personal opinion, mental health is important for everyone, no matter your race, sexual orientation, age, and more. But for this post, I want to talk about specifically mental health in teenagers. We all have a teenager in our life, whether its your own child, a niece or nephew, or perhaps you are a teacher or coach or therapist who knows plenty of them. In today’s society, the pressure that teenagers face every day is more prominent than ever. You have a group of young adults who one day have to raise their hand to ask to go to the bathroom suddenly making life-altering decisions the next week. So how can we understand mental health in our teenagers better?

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Happy Friday all! So far we have made it 15 days into the New Year, and the world isn’t on fire… yet. With the New Year’s, we all make new goals, intentions, and set up new plans. And if you are anything like me… you have no idea what’s in store. That’s alright though! We’ll get through this thing together.

But I do have one really fun announcement for you all today. You might notice some differences with my blog. Where are all the book-themed things? And what is the Happiness Project and where did The Library Lady go?

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Well boys and girls, ladies and gentleman… We almost made it one full week in until something crazy had to happen.

It’s not that I had super high hopes or anything, but really?

This is not a political blog, so please refrain from posting your opinions in the comments. But something did hit me last night, and I thought it would make an interesting blog post. And to put it quite simply… what do you do when you feel like the world is shattering around you?

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Can you believe it? We finally made it to 2021! This is something worth celebrating for in my opinion.

New Year’s is right around the corner and we all like to think about the upcoming year and what our new goals will be. However, if there was one thing we learned from 2020, it is to not expect the year to go according to your plans and go with the flow. So what are some goals that we can have that are more long-term and easily accomplishable, even if things don’t go our way? This post will hopefully help you identify some new goals to consider and get you ready to ring in the new year!

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Ah, the year of 2020. I can’t wait for our kids to come home one day and there will be a chapter in their history books about this mess. What do you think will be the highlight of that chapter? The Presidential Election? Covid-19? Or maybe the Tiger King. Maybe by then we will have figured out what happened to Carole Baskin’s husband. (hint hint, they totally used fish oil)

Through rough times, I try to take a positive out of the negativity and learn a valuable lesson from it. Because if we only focused on the negative stuff, I think we would all be crazy by now. And I’m a firm believer that you are NEVER to old to learn a new lesson! So what is a lesson that you learn from 2020?

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