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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title: Serpent and Dove
Author: Shelby Mahurin
Main Theme: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Thesis: We start our journey with Louise le Blanc, a witch on the run and determined to not use her powers. She meets a young and handsome Chasseur, basically a religious knight. In a strange turn of events, Louise finds herself married to the Chasseur, and neither of them are happy about it. A holy war is brewing, and Louise struggles to squash her feelings to protect herself. Other than her husband, who is sworn to kill witches, she has more dangerous enemies waiting in the shadows. Louise must rely on her friends and wits to survive and outwit her enemies. And she needs to figure out who is her enemy, and who is her friend?

What Drew Me In: So let’s just say that I was on a little bit of a reading high, because 2020 has been a good year for books! I was combing through Goodreads, looking through some suggestions and I came across this title. One click and I was already hooked. It mentioned that one of the main characters was a witch. And y’all know I love a good paranormal read. So I found it on my library’s cataloged and reserved my copy.

My Thoughts: 2020 has been the year for strong, sassy female leads. And I’m totally okay with that. Louise is a modern woman stuck in the past, where women were brought up to be proper ladies and not curse or really show any sign of a personality at all. She rebels against all of this of course. She’s a thief, she knows her worth, and she likes to drink and cuss a little. My kind of gal. At the beginning of the book, we get a nice little peek at her daily life, which involves spying on an upper-class gentleman with a lot of money. After spying a little and learning about what he has locked away in his house, her and her friend decide to steal it. But after making their plans, there is a little bit of a witchy distraction, and boom we get our first taste of the paranormal aspect of the book. Witches in this book are powerful, and feared by the common folk. They normally attack royalty and other important people of power, determined to fight back the people that cause them to be hunted down. Which then you have the chasseur’s, which are a group of people sworn by the church to protect the church and common folk from witches. Basically, they are holy knights. So, in a way, it paints this “good versus evil” picture. But of course, is there a “good side”? Both sides can do some really messed up things.

I loved the differences in the characters as well. Reid is a strong-willed, silent type that cares deeply and has an urge to do the right thing. Louise’s best friend, Coco, is sassy like her friend, powerful, and extremely helpful when she is needed. And let’s talk about Ansel for a moment. He’s a chasseur-in-training and a total sweetheart. He stands up for what he believes in and tries to see the good in everyone. This little group alone is enough of a reason to read the book. I loved some of the other characters in the book as well, but that would be giving it away!

And yes…. if you were wondering…. there is a steamy scene between our two lovebirds. Don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans for you! You’ll just have to read for yourself.

Would I Recommend This Book?: If you are looking for a new book to give a try, and you like paranormal fiction, this is the one for you. The author has a new book coming out this year as well, called Blood and Honey. Yes, it is on my birthday/Christmas wish list. I hope to get it! If not, you know your girl will buy it ASAP.

Just to forewarn you, there is a sex scene and quite a bit of cussing involved in this book. I would recommend this book to be for the ages of 14+.

I’m so excited to finish the year strong with some great books. If you have a suggestion, PLEASE leave it in the comments! Until next time!

The Library Lady ♡

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