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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title: Get Out of Your Own Way
Author: Dave Hollis
Main Theme: Self-Help

Thesis: Even though he was at the height of everything (career, husband, father of four kids), Hollis always felt like he was in the lowest valley. Through his addiction to drinking and several awkward therapy sessions, Hollis realized that he had to make a choice to either better himself or settle in the funk that dictated his life. In his book, Get Out of Your Own Way, Hollis tackles the topics he always found difficult to talk about and shares his painful and sometimes hilarious stories with the rest of us. He’ll help you see through your own life-changing journey and how to get out of your own funk and live to be the best version of you.

What Drew Me In: Y’all know I’m a huge fangirl for Rachel Hollis. I mean, who isn’t at this point, am I right? I was really excited to find out that her husband (Now soon to be ex-husband, isn’t that strange?) was going to release his own book. This year has been a crazy sort of year, so I haven’t had time to get to it yet, but I finally got my hands on it!

My Thoughts: Okay, truth bomb here. I liked the book… but it wasn’t my favorite. And truthfully, I found myself getting pretty bored with it and I skipped some parts to get it done and over with. Hollis has some great points in his book, but I don’t know, maybe I just wasn’t in the right headspace to read it at the time.

There were plenty of things that I did like about it though. I love how personal he gets. Some of these stories are not pleasant to hear about. If you have ever known someone with an addiction, you’ll understand these next few sentences. If not, well then, consider yourself blessed. Addiction is a horrible thing. It consumes your life and drags your loved ones into a swirling whirlpool of their own kind of misery. I’m not trying to shame anyone, it’s just a matter of fact. I can speak from experience on this. But those raw moments in his life is what made it such a good book on that point of view. Maybe that is just my opinion, but I know it certainly makes me feel better when I feel like I can connect with someone on a personal level, and I’m sure a lot of people out there can feel the same way with this book.

Another thing that I love is his little pointers at the end of each chapter that says, “Things That Help Me”. Just like in Rachel’s books, he ends his thoughts with a few little pointers that summarize the lesson he is trying to convey at the end of the chapter. It’s a nice little reminder of what’s really important, and I even use this as quotes that I tape up on the bottom of my computer reminder or input as reminders on my phone.

In the end, there were definitely moments in the book that are thought-provoking and inspiring. While I didn’t connect to it in the same way that I did Rachel’s books, I appreciated it for what it was and I see that Dave has a bright future in the book-making world.

Would I Recommend This Book?: I feel like this book will resonate with a lot of people, especially in the male department. And yes, men can read self-help books and it won’t bring them down on their masculinity! You know, Christmas is coming up. This would make an excellent stocking stuffer. 😉

The Library Lady ♡

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