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Good morning, Internet!

With everything going on in the world right now, I feel like the ability to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine is very important right now. And lucky for me, I happen to live in Idaho, a beautiful state with a ton of camping opportunities.

We went for an overnight on June 18th-19th, and the campground is only about two hours from where we live, so it’s not a bad drive for just an overnight. I would have liked to go longer, but duty calls at a library right now. I still really enjoyed the time away from everything else though, so I thought I would share our experience.

French Creek is a pretty little spot set up on the south side of Lake Cascade, a popular spot for boating and fishing. The best thing about this place is that it is fairly easy to get to. For us, we got on Highway 55 and traveled north for about an hour and a half. Right before you come into the town of Cascade, you’ll turn left on Carbarton Road and follow it towards the lake. There is a lot of twists and turns, but you will have plenty of cell service for GPS to help you out.


Before we got to the campsite, we pulled off the side of the highway to check out the amazing Payette River. There are many little spots to pull off and stretch your legs, fish, climb into the water to kayak, or even to set up a camping spot. The water was cold and quick, but it was beautiful to just stop and sit for a while.



When we got there, we found our campsite really easy, as it is one of the first ones you’ll see. A fun perk to our campsite was that French Creek actually ran right behind our tent, which was so fun to listen to at night. However, the water is COLD. There was still snow on top of the mountain where it came from, so I couldn’t even stand dipping my toes in.


We got to work on setting up the campsite. We were in bear country, so we kept our food in the car unless we needed it. We set up the tent and stored the couple of bags we brought with our clothes and toiletries. We then took a moment to just sit and enjoy the scenery around us. It wasn’t to warm, and there were plenty of trees around for shade. We sat and had a snack, and then went for a walk around the campsite.


The views are just magnificent. The campsite has a “lower” campsite, which is right next to the lake, and an “upper” campsite, which is settled closer to the side of the mountain and can give your gorgeous views like this.



It wasn’t necessarily a downside, but the dock at this campsite is a public dock, so people can use it without using the campground. There were a lot of people coming and going, but we did find time for a quiet moment to look out at the lake. There was always a boat out there though.



We didn’t find a hiking trail (although there are suppose to be some nearby), but it was nice to walk along the dirt road, most people were already settled into their sites and so it was free from vehicles.


Night-time settled in and we had dinner and smores and cuddled by the fire, and talked well into the evening. As the night wore on, we looked up towards the night sky and saw that the stars were beautiful. We packed up and went to bed, but let me tell you… it was COLD. Bring more blankets than you would think you would need. By the middle of the night, I was repping the double sweater, double pants, and the double socks kind of life. That was our fault for not bringing a heavy-duty sleeping bag. We will make sure to grab two for our next campout.


Breakfast was delicious though and we loved to sit in the cool morning sun. We ate a nice big breakfast and enjoyed chatting with some neighboring campers. We took another lap around the site and enjoyed watching the local wildlife (birds and groundhogs) skitter around in the morning sun. I even got some more reading in, which is always a plus for me.


Overall, it was a great trip and I really liked this campground, we will definitely be back one day. If you decide to check it out for yourself, I would recommend booking in advance, I used Like I stated before, it is bear country, so pack wisely and safely. Be careful with your fire activities and be smart around water. And please pick up after yourself! Nature is so beautiful and we are so incredibly lucky to have it for our pleasure.

Until next time!

The Library Lady ♡

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