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It’s that time again, a restock from Rock & Oil! *cue happy dance* Although I’m saddled with some medical bills and will not be able to spoil myself for a little bit, I’m still so excited for her to restock. Her restock goes live at 5 MTS! Here is a link to her site at Rock & Oil.

the princess and the frog happy dance GIF

There are too many goodies to show off all of the new goodies she has come up with, so I’m going to show off the ones that I’m ordering. Then you can decide which goodie you want to have. 😄

Cherry Cola Bubble Bar: This guy was originally a bath bomb (and I’ll have to snag it at some point.) But my last bubble bar is almost finished, so I needed a new one. I’m so excited to use this!
Image may contain: food


One Love Bath Bomb: Right now, we need a little bit more love in our life. These scent combinations are a perfect mixture, french vanilla, creamed sugar, and almonds. I’m loving the soft scents lately, it makes for such a relaxing bath. Honestly, this will probably be a bomb I get multiple times.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor

Ripple Whipped Sugar Body Scrub: If you haven’t tried her whipped sugar soap scrubs, you are missing out. They smell amazing and leave your skin silky soft. And this scent is literally mouth-watering; root beer, vanilla bean ice cream, cornflakes, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Yes, you will probably nom on your arm a little bit after this.
Image may contain: 1 person

Ripple Bath Bomb: Oh yeah buddy, this bad boy also comes in a bath bomb. Need I say any more good things about it? Okay, one more. Look at that design. It’s a killer.
No photo description available.

Lemon Crush Body Oil: I’ve been eyeballing this oil for a while now, and with this restock, she put a ton of them on sale. Woot! Let’s grab one, shall we? Scented in 7-Up Pound Cake and Powdered Sugar Frosting, you will feel like the treat you are!
No photo description available.

Oh, man guys, I could have blown a lot of money with the goodies that she has, but I somehow restrained myself. I can’t wait for my next paycheck, ya girl is going to go wild. If I tied on your heartstrings a little to get some goodies, never fear, the restock is now open!! Head over to her website and snag yourself something nice. And don’t forget my code DEVIOUS10 for some extra savings on your order. You can thank me later.

Keep your chins up, folks! I know life is pretty strange right now, but if you can, enjoy the little things in life, practice some self-care, and please do what you can to help out, like wear a mask in public, love your neighbor, and keep happy.

The Library Lady ♡



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