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Good morning all! Can you believe that it is basically summer at this point? 2020 has left me kind of in a whirlwind state, and honestly, I feel like I’ve lost track of time. I have always hoped that we quarantined long enough to be able to enjoy our summer, even if it is a bit limited. The one thing that I have hoped to do this summer more was camping/being out in nature. So far, we have been lucky enough to at least get outside for the day!

So what is everyone doing to keep their sanity? Well, some people may be handling it a bit better than others. No judgment here, but I can’t just sit around my house all day. It literally drives me crazy! One of my favorite things lately is just to get out in nature, even if it is just to a park or a hiking trail. This past weekend, we went catfishing with some of the husband’s family.

This week was a bit of a hectic week for us, so we couldn’t overnight camp with the rest of our family, but we went out to the river on Saturday, to a local spot known for great catfishing. My husband’s family has gone there off and on for years, so they were pretty familiar with the setup. This was my first time at this particular spot, and I have to say that I enjoyed it!

There is one thing that I thought about a lot while we sat and enjoyed ourselves; and that is how important it is for you to take a break from the modern world. If you aren’t a super outdoorsy person who likes to camp in the mountains, that’s okay. Take a walk in a local park, or better yet, go to a state or national park and visit for the day. I won’t tell you to put your phone away, use it to take pictures! But try to disconnect from the world, or your job, or the homework assignments that like to nag at your brain. My top reasons are:

  1. You can spend more time with people that you actually want to be around.
  2. You can see new sights or revisit places that bring you joy.
  3. Your disconnect can help you re-evaluate what is important in your life, or what your priorities are.

If these reasons aren’t good enough, I’m not sure what more I could say. Right now, the world needs a little calm and disconnect, so if you feel the need to run away from it all, I’ll tell you that you will not get any judgment from me! 😘

Last but not least, enjoy some toes in some dirt. 😊

The Library Lady ♡

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break From the Modern World

  1. Storm says:

    I am like you! I’ve been using this time to reconnect with nature and get away from “rat race” of corporate America. I know this will be the only time life slows down this much before retirement (and retirement is far away).

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  2. epemberton94 says:

    Agree 100%! Sometimes I go for a walk and leave my phone at home and the peace that comes with that always surprises me – even if it’s just an hour!

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