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Good day, well met, and huzzah! Any of these words sound familiar to you? Unless you are a nerd like myself, maybe not. In today’s English, we would say good morning, how are you, and hurray. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love anything medieval and I love Renaissance festivals! I figured I would share with you some of my favorite memories of the best Renaissance festival out there, Scarborough from down in Texas.

I used to live about twenty minutes from the fair, and I really miss it. The fair ran from April until Memorial Day weekend in May, which is one of the best times to run it due to avoiding hot weather as much as possible (although sometimes you would get rain or maybe a tornado, you have to love tornado season). But it’s a magical place and quite possibly my favorite place to go. Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 season was shut down, which is heartbreaking for all of us, but hopefully will be back and running for the 2021 season!

To get us started, the featured image you see first is the ticket booth and front gate. Let me be the first to say: if you plan on visiting Scarborough, BRING LOTS OF CASH. They do accept cards at the front gate and food/drink areas and have ATMs everywhere, but it is very easy to lose track of how much money you are spending and they do not accept cards for things like games and other attractions. This is not one of those cheap/free activities to do on the weekend, it will cost you a bit to get in and enjoy the day. And honestly, I would recommend for you to really immerse yourself at the festival, so buy the food, see the museums, go to the petting zoo, you name it. Just a quick list of everything you need cash for:

  • The museums (Both are $3 a person)
  • Games
  • Petting zoo ($3 a person/cup of food)
  • Rides
  • Food and Drink (most accept cards though)
  • There are places to get a massage, a henna tattoo, your hair professionally braided, etc.

Things that are included in your admission price:

  • Window shopping with the vendors (most will accept cards, but check first!)
  • Jousting tournament
  • Watching the parade
  • All of the shows
  • Demonstrations like glass-blowing, soap making, weaving chain metal, etc

You can buy a program that has a daily schedule with all of the demos, shows, jousting tournaments, and more for about $5. With that being said, I want to chat about some of my favorite things to do there. Let’s jump in!

Take the time to walk through all the shops, they offer so many unique goodies, ranging from hand made jewelry, wooden toys for the little ones, and clothes representing the Middle Ages. The next few pictures will show off some of my favorite shops there, but honestly, this post would need to be a two-part post if I showed every single picture I have taken of a favorite store. If you are curious about what else might be available in the fair, they have listed the stores on their website, where they are located, and either their social media or their website.

Are you a foodie? Well, you are in luck! Scarborough has some of the best food options around, and it caters to everyone’s taste buds!

You’ll have normal food options, like pizza, chicken tenders, and hamburgers. Plenty of water (please drink up the water, it does get hot in the afternoons!) and soda to pass around. But have you ever had a turkey leg? Or a stuffed spud or Scottish egg? How about a shepherd’s pie from their only full-service restaurant on-site? If you haven’t, you are missing out! I somehow do not have any pictures of the food but take my word on this, you don’t want to miss out. Curious about everything Scarborough has to offer? They have a full menu on their site!

Scarborough also has some amazing pubs. I’m not a huge drinker and haven’t had a chance to check one out yet, but my next trip I will. But nothing says medieval than a tankard full of mead! Here’s a list of all of their pubs and taverns to check out while you are there.

What else is there to do at Scarborough? So much honestly, strap in and get ready.

You have the petting zoo, which is always a favorite with the kids. Try walking through the museum they have, it is about mythical monsters. Ride all of the rides and watch the parade that happens at 1:00 every day. Creep through the Terramythica Castle and learn the fate of three princesses who were turned into benevolent magical women hellbent on revenge. And of course, watch all of the fun shows and displays at one of the many stages. And you bet there is a great jousting tournament that has multiple shows every day. There is really something to keep everyone in the family busy throughout the day, so you are really getting your money’s worth.

Have I convinced to try it out yet? I hope so! I have nothing but high praise for the owners and employees of this amazing place. It’s a great place for the family to enjoy a sunny weekend. And even though we can’t enjoy it this year, we have next year! If you want to support them this year, they do have some souvenirs to take home. I’m so snagging a shirt! (I already have two of them hehe) To cap this post off, here are some of my favorite pictures I have taken before. I can’t wait to add to my collection.

Meeting the green knight after he won the jousting tournament. (my little sister is holding the program I mentioned above!)


One of my favorite stores, the book shop! (No surprise there, right?)

The Glassblower, one of the spots you can see a demonstration at!

Much older picture of my little brother running to the Mythical Monster Museum – he’s much taller now!!


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2 thoughts on “Scarborough Renaissance Festival

  1. That looks amazing! I love renaisssance festivals. They are so fun.


    1. The Library Lady says:

      Me too! I would take a renaissance festival over an amusement park any day. 🙂


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