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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Guess what? I finally got around to making a Mailchimp account, so I can send my awesome followers some email newsletters. Yay!

Don’t worry, I won’t clog up your email. I’m thinking twice a month or so (unless I have a special announcement) I will send out a newsletter with some basic updates on what is going on currently for the Library Lady Blog. I’m so excited to connect more with my followers. If you aren’t currently subscribed to my blog, drop your email in the comments below to get these email newsletters. 😃

As always, thank you, everyone, for your continuous support, it really means the world to me!

The Library Lady ♡

4 thoughts on “Mailchimp Newsletters

  1. naultshawca says:

    Would love to get your emails!


    1. The Library Lady says:

      That’s great! What is a good email I can send them too? 🙂


      1. naultshawca says:

        This email


  2. naultshawca says:

    Where can I send it?


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