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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title:
The Proposal
Jasmine Guillory
Main Theme:
Romance, Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance

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Link: The Proposal

Thesis: Nikole is happy in her “not-to-serious” relationship with Fisher, even if she does find him a bit dull. She never expected Fisher to do anything even semi-romantic, like proposing in front of 45,000 people at a Dodgers game and with her name spelled incorrectly. Swooping in to save her is LA doctor Carlos and his sister Angela, as they help her sneak out of the game and avoid the cameras. Nikole can admit that Carlos is a cutie, so she sets up the ultimate rebound, and Carlos is happy to oblige. Together, they enjoy each other’s company without things becoming serious. But a stressful life for the both of them pushes them closer and start breaking the rules, one of them has to put the brakes on things.

What Drew Me In: I have read a novel from Guillory before (and I have a review on it!) and enjoyed her witty and flirty vibe. To me, there is nothing wrong with sitting down and enjoying a fun, quick romance read.

My Thoughts: As stated above, I love Guillory’s sassy and flirty ways in her text. Her books remind me of a Hallmark movie, just a little sexier. They are quick reads, perfect for a bubble bath and all your favorite Bath and Body Works candles around you. This is technically book #2 in the Wedding Date Series, with the book “The Wedding Date” being number one. I feel like you don’t necessarily have to read these in order because this book doesn’t follow the same two characters from “The Wedding Date”. It’s really just a couple of name drops.

I also like how Guillory makes relatable characters with fun quirks about them. Nikole is a black woman is takes pride in herself, and is a headstrong lady, perhaps a little too headstrong. She doesn’t take shit from no one and is very dedicated to her job. Carlos is Latino and is sweet, and beyond caring. (Maybe a little too caring.) He comes off a little over-protective to the females in his family after his father passes away. Nikole’s two best friends, Dana and Courtney, are amazing best friends. Dana is the strong, sensible, and openly gay one who is passionate about fitness and Courtney Korean and a bit on the chubby side but is the bubbly, romantic one who owns an AMAZING cupcake shop. (I need a best friend with a cupcake shop…) Her diversity in characters makes for a fun setting and feels much more “real world” than other books do.

The storyline is a little predictable, but hey, that’s okay. There are enough characters around that it keeps the flow nicely going and doesn’t focus too much on just the two main characters, which I definitely like. I would say, enjoy it for what it is and don’t take anything too seriously out of it. It would take all the fun out of the book.

Would I recommend this book?: If you are looking for a fun, quirky read that is easy to digest, then yes. If you love romance, but think there is either only Nicholas Sparks or some old book from the 90s with a picture of Fabio on it, then yes. And if you are like me and hate 50 Shades of Grey because it’s abusive and beyond ridiculous (that’s a whole other rant I could go on) then YES. Plus, her books are amazing for a book club, so get your girlfriends together and try it out.

I love all the fun romance reads I have been reading lately! I might just have to pick up the last book for this series soon.

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