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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! I’m trying to avoid as many spoilers as I can, but please be aware that there could be some here. If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend skipping this review until you have read all three books! ***

Book Title: Mockingjay
Suzanne Collins
Main Theme: 
Young Adult, Dystopian Fiction, Action, Romance

Thesis: Katniss Everdeen is still alive, surviving the Quater Quell, and possibly the most deadly of the Hunger Games yet. She’s alive, in Sector 13, along with her family, Gale, Haymitch, and a few others. They escaped after blowing apart the Games’ arena and the war against the Capitol has officially started. The rebels are looking to Katniss to be their Mockingjay, the face of the movement. But can Katniss do it? Her home was destroyed, most people she knew was dead. Peeta was captured, and 13 are pressing for an answer soon. If Katniss agrees to be the Mockingjay, what could she lose? Her family, countless lives of rebels, and what about Peeta? But if she refuses to be the Mockingjay, what could Panem lose?

What Drew Me In: Mockingjay is the third and final installment of the Hunger Games series, you would have to be crazy to not want to finish it. We need answers! We need closer! So, a friend let me borrow her copy. Thank you, Syndey!! (shout out moment!)

My Thoughts: Man, where do I start? My thoughts are all over the place. Hopefully, I can talk about everything without rambling.

  • Overall, I loved the more serious tone of the book, showing what war can be like for some, the trauma that people deal with, the depression, the sadness over what was lost. Often, we don’t think about the “behind the scenes” aspects there are over war, but Collins does an amazing job with the number of details that she put into it.
  • However, the book really deflates Katniss’s character a bit. I completely understand that this poor girl has been through so much. She’s basically a pawn, either for Snow or for the rebels. But the heroine that we got in the first two books completely fizzled out in Mockingjay. Understanding that it is to a point understandable of why Katniss is like this drugged up zombie through most of the book, it still sucks to not see the badass we all know and love.
  • The cruelty in this book was upped even more if that is even possible. The Games are cruel anyways, no doubt about that. In Catching Fire, the arena was decked out with the most horrible ways to basically torture it’s competitors to death, from the mockingjay mutts, to the death monkeys, or the acid fog. But the Capitol had more cruel tricks up their sleeves, like how they set off the “pods”, each one with another horrible way to die. The goop that basically you drown in, more tracker jackers, and those horrible lizard mutt things. Eesh.
  • I did not like how some of our characters died out. I don’t want to spoil anything for you future readers, but god, some of those characters did not deserve to die. We all have our favorites, but man. My poor heart. 💔
  • One word: Peeta. The character we all know and love for his gentleness and warmth. Completely gone. Peeta was basically written off as a poor victim of war, completely stripping him of his original character. Do I understand why Collins did that? Yes, war is a cruel, cruel thing. People change. But for one of my favorite characters of the series to be bulldozed over like that? Not a fan. Spoiler alert: he is alive at the end of the book. I guess I’m happy about that.
  • One thing that I’m sort of confused about was the character, Gale. You know the famous love triangle story. Well, we get a lot more Katniss/Gale story in this book, but towards the end, it just… fizzles out? Like nothing had ever happened between them, even at a friendship level? It was kind of bizarre. Truth be told, I’m so over love triangles in YA books, it’s all hype and then ends with “NOTHING”.
  • One good thing: You get a ton of more characters introduced, some that you love, some that you hate. Even the ones I don’t care for, I’m glad Collins gave us so many new people to get to know. It’s just one book, so while some of them I wish we had more time with, the variety of characters and their personalities really adds to the book.
  • One last thing and I’ll leave it on a positive note: That ending though! Completely takes you for a whirlwind. It’s somewhat predictable, but you can’t help but love the roller coaster ride it takes you on. Let’s just say, the last two chapters, my mouth was left open like —> 😲 The only thing I can say negatively about the end of the book, which I already talked about in these points, is that Katniss and Peeta are not the characters we know and love. They are more like shells of who they once were, and again, I understand, but it was a slight disappointment.

Would I recommend this book (series)?: Here’s where it gets interesting. Mockingjay was my least favorite book out of the three. Why? Because there were too many disappointing scenes for me personally. Would I still recommend it? Yes. This is a fantastic series that can appeal to your teens as well as the adults out there. Collins made a fantastic series out of very disturbing details. Anyone, of any age, could find enjoyment out of this series. You are left sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen to your favorite characters with each turn of the page.

And in the end, even if you hate all the characters or the storyline (which is almost impossible, let me know if you actually do that!) we can still learn the lessons that Collins portrays. No one should have this much power. No one should be able to do these horrific things, like claiming children to be sent to their death or using horrific means of war. We shouldn’t separate people by classes, or let people live in inhumane ways. What makes us human is our ability to live with compassion and love, so please don’t forget that.

Do yourself a favor, and pick up this series. Any library will have it, and I’ve seen it on Amazon for cheap lately, so spoil yourself with an early Christmas present! (Yeah, I know, Christmas is still a couple months away, but TREAT YO SELF!)

That’s it for me, I hope that everyone enjoyed these reviews as much as I enjoyed this series. I feel this weird gaping hole now, The Hunger Games was truly a great series. What series should I read next? Leave your recommendations in the comments, or let me know on my Facebook page! Until next time ♡

The Library Lady 

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