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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title: 
The One
Kiera Cass
Main Theme: 
Young Adult, Dystopian, Romance

Thesis: America Singer has made it, the last four girls selected to win the Prince’s heart. Competition is fierce, especially between the girls, who now realize what they have to lose if they are sent home. Life outside the palace walls is tough as well, as the rebel attacks continue to grow in numbers. The Northern rebels want to talk, they grow weary of the Southern attacks too. America’s personal life takes a tragic turn, and her ever-present feelings for Aspen threaten to expose them every day. Can America pull it together to see to the very end of the competition?

What Drew Me In: We made it to book #3 of the “Selection” series. It’s been a wild ride since we met America at her home in the Carolinas, falling in love with a boy in her treehouse. With the end of the competition so near, of course, I had to check out the next book to see what would happen at the very end.

My Thoughts: I have many thoughts about this book, some good, some bad. Honestly, I had to make myself a list before I started this whole review so that I wouldn’t forget anything! So, without further ado, let’s start with the bad. I like to end things with a good note!


  • The biggest con I felt like was present in the book was the very ending, and by that, I mean that everything was so rushed! The book began to drag there in the middle, which hey, happens every now and then. But I do feel like that in just a few pages, really the last couple of chapters so much was happening, I was feeling my head swirl. There is a wedding at the end of the book, and honestly, that could have at least been made into another novella. If we have waited all this time for a wedding, I want to enjoy the details! Not be crammed into the last couple of pages.
  • Without spoiling too much, there were many deaths, and they felt rushed, splattered on the page without a lot of thought into it. Why did some people die? What was the point of their deaths? Those questions are never really answered. A minor character who dies, not a big deal right? We see that often enough in books and movies. But some people, we deserve more dialog for the justification for the deaths. Or at least, some mourning to it. It’s like some people died in a blink of an eye, and they might be mentioned later in the book like “Oh, I miss this person.” and that is it. Nope, not satisfying enough.To go along with that, there are two specific deaths that irritated me to death. I’m not going to name names, I want you to read it and see what I’m talking about. But they were two important characters in the development of America, and their deaths made everything about their lives pretty pointless. I’m not living for that.
  • Some of the relationships towards the end of the book were super confusing. Why were these two characters suddenly a couple, like they were in love from the very beginning, when there hasn’t been an ounce of a dialog of them before? Why were some people friends, some enemies? None of this makes any sense! A pointless dialog deserves my loathing.
  • We discover a few characters that have some secrets of their own, and it was NOT talked about at all! Why did they have these secrets, how long were they like this? Was it their own personal agenda, or was their family involve as well? Since a big emphasis of this series is who side are you on, we need to know these things, it explains why some people make the decisions they make or form relationships with others.
  • This damn love triangle bs. I’m so over it.


  • The beginning of the book was much better than the end. America faces MANY hardships, like how the king treats her, as it is no secret that he does not like her. Or how her family struggles through a very hard time. She faces a personal injury, but still manages to be the brave woman that she is deep down. The king tries to sabotage her chances with the Prince by forcing her to do something she does not want to do. Through everything she’s put through, we see that America has a right “moral compass”, and she can not force herself to do anything, even if the “law” states that she must. America will do what is right for every situation.
  • The obvious love that most of her family shares between them, except for her older brother Kota. He’s just a jerk, plain and simple. But the love between her and her father is something to admire. Everyone has that special person in your life, it could be your parents, grandparents, distant cousin, or some other relative. Or even a close friend. You admire them the most, have the most respect for them, and in the end, they are a crucial part of what makes you “YOU”.
  • Towards the end of the book, the remaining girls of the Selection begin to realize that their friendships with each other are more important than other things. While yes, they will be sad if they are not picked, they actually care for each other. There are certain bonds in this book that you can just feel for yourself, and I really enjoy that aspect. Another bond I enjoy is the bond between America and the Queen. Although the Queen might not understand America’s choices, she has enough respect for her to not judge harshly. You can tell that it is very important for the Queen to bond closely with a potential future daughter-in-law.

Would I recommend this book?: Although it seems like I disliked the book more than I liked it, I still have to say, yes, I would recommend this series. Although there are five books to the series, with a lot of novellas in between books, it really is like a trilogy, because the first three books focus solely on America’s point of view. The next two books are from her daughter’s point of view and have a huge new list of characters. I will still probably read the next two, just for personal enjoyment. I haven’t made up my mind on if I will review them on here or not. This was a good book, for the most part. A lot of my complaints just center around the end of the book. It felt like the author was ready to put down the pen, and while I understand that writing a series is hard work, it felt was too rushed for the ending to be the best it could be.

There you have it! Another review! I’ve been reading and busting these reviews out a ton lately, it feels great! Keep an eye out for some fun new reviews coming up in October, we got some spooky feels to go along with the changing of the seasons. I can’t wait! 

The Library Lady ♡

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