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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title:
 The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
Main Theme: 
Young Adult, Dystopian Fiction, Action, Romance

Thesis: Set in a dystopian, apocalyptic future, the story is followed after a girl named Katniss Everdeen, and her life with her mother and younger sister, Prim. The family lives in District 12 of the nation of Panem, which what used to be the United States. Every year, all twelve districts are forced to select one boy and one girl from the ages of twelve to eighteen to compete in an arena to the death, until one victor remains. This is a punishment set up by the Capitol after the districts tried to rebel against their rule. When Katniss was selected, after volunteering herself in place for her sister, and along with the male tribute Peeta, the two are forced to go to the Capitol and compete against twenty-two other tributes. In the two-week time span, you want to keep turning the pages and find out what happens to the tributes, how a rebellion might have started, without the intent of the main characters, and what you will do to survive.

What Drew Me In: Alright, big shocker time. I have NEVER read or watched the Hunger Games books/movies. Can you believe it? When the Hunger Games came out in 2008, I was wrapping up my obsession with the Twilight franchise (who am I kidding, I’m still slightly obsessed with that fandom.. that’s a post for another time!). I didn’t have very many chances to read books as a child, only really what books I checked out from my school’s library or the rare occasion we went to the bookstore. But like the Twilight books, I wasn’t really interested in reading them unless someone basically forced them in my hands. This time, so many kids were checking these types of books out for Summer Reading, a patron insisted I read them. So, the next time the book was checked back in, I snagged it up.

My Thoughts: Honestly, I’m so glad I snagged the book. Although it isn’t as complicated as I thought it would be, I honestly enjoy that aspect of the book. This book was definitely designed for a younger audience, and I think that is great. It makes a younger audience read something more than the usual fluff in the Young Adult section. You love the characters, like Katniss’s bravery or Peeta’s charm. Or even Haymitch, and his drunken but realistic point of view. As you get to know the characters more through the book, you start to care for them, and are happy when something good happens, and devastated when something bad happens. You see the cruelty throughout the book, like the Capitol’s complete lack of compassion for these young tributes, or how some of the tributes, known as Careers, are so barbaric, but it is just the way of life for these people. You see the hope as well, like Katniss’s determination to live, Peeta’s thoughts of not becoming a pawn in their game, or Rue’s innocence, even up to her death. Which by the way, they did Rue dirty. Such a sweet girl. But her death has a meaning, and later in the book and even to the second book, her death means something, and I’m happy that Collins did not waste anyone’s life.  This story has a great way of pulling you into the text, caring about your favorites, hating the Capitol, the game makers, and President Snow, and it will keep you turning page after page.

Would I recommend this book?: I’ll jump the bandwagon here, yes, absolutely would I recommend this book. I’m excited to see how the next two books are, I’ve already started Catching Fire and I’m enjoying it so far. This is a great series for any age and that is some serious bonus points going for it. If you are one of the weird ones like myself, go get a copy ASAP!


My plan is to read each book, do a review for each book, and then post another blog that is more like a discussion post about what I think of the entire trilogy and other thoughts to it. Keep an eye out of it, and dare I might say, may the odds be ever in your favor! 😉

I had too. 🙂 

The Library Lady

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Hunger Games

  1. lynz2137 says:

    LOVED this series. If you like it, you’ll probably like Divergent and Maze Runner series as well.


    1. The Library Lady says:

      They are next in my “to-read” series! 🙂


  2. mybookworld24 says:

    I just finished reading this book great review!


  3. Wow ! Well Writting, Greate Publishing and great design. Thanks for sharing hunger games book series . Please add me on readers list.


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