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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
Book Title: 
Safe Haven
Nicholas Sparks
Main Theme:
Romance, Adult Fiction, Contemporary romance

Thesis: Erin, a young housewife to detective Kevin, flees her husband due to an abusive relationship with him. She takes on the identity of Katie and finds herself in a small seaport town in North Carolina. Finding a waitressing job, she is able to hide out in a shack in the woods, with only one neighbor, a friendly enough woman named Jo. Katie is determined to avoid establishing roots in this small town, but fate would bring her and a local store owner, Alex, together. Alex is undeniably attracted to the mysterious stranger, and when an accident involving his son brings the two together, it starts a bumpy ride for a friendship to bloom. Like all things, friendship turns into a relationship, and soon the two lovebirds can’t get enough of each other. However, Kevin eventually finds Katie, and Katie must put an end to his reign of terror so he doesn’t hurt her new family.

What Drew Me In: I’m not going to lie, this is like, my thousandth time reading this book. I originally bought this book for my mom, because she’s a bookworm too. But, she likes her Dean Koontz and Stephen King horror novels. After a while, I picked the book up from her shelf and gave it a try, and immediately fell in love with it. I’m not sure what about the book makes me like it so much. I guess the “finds her happy ever after” theme after an abusive relationship makes my heart happy. Abusive relationships are very real, and hard to escape from. Any time that an author can hit the nail on a real-world problem, it is nice that there is a representation to the not so nice side of the world.

My Thoughts: In this story, Kevin is very much a “bad guy” because he doesn’t give the impression that he is a bad guy on the outside. Buys his wife a fancy house, takes her to get her hair done routinely, takes her to nice dinners. He looks like the perfect husband. But on the inside, he smashes and breaks things in that fancy house when he’s drunk or mad, he takes her everywhere alone because she’s not allowed to drive or make friends, and after those fancy dinners, he’s usually hitting and screaming at her for something that is “her fault”. This is a very realistic point of view for someone in an abusive relationship. Sometimes, having that “eye-opener” type of experience makes for the best kind of books.

Would I recommend this book?: Like all Nicholas Sparks books, I think any of them are great books to pick up and have a “fun, light read”. Sparks’ books are easy enough to read without a simple, basic plotline, his characters are fun and likable with interesting story arches, and I’m always in love with his “small town” settings; makes me want to pack up my bags and head for a small, coastal town in North Carolina. (Beach trip anyone?)

So far, out of the books that I have read by him, Safe Haven is my favorite and probably always be my favorite. I’ll keep an open mind though, I still have quite a few of his to read! 🙂

That’s all for today folks! As always, keep an eye on my social media accounts (link to the on the bottom of my page) for updates on new reviews or anything else I post. Have a happy weekend! 

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