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*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! ***
*** There will be a summary in this review. I have now included the summary at the very bottom of this review so that you can read my thoughts and my recommendations BEFORE the review. Please do not read the entire review if you want to avoid all and any spoilers.***

Book Title: The Wedding Date
Author: Jasmine Guillory
Main Theme: Romance, Adult Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Thesis: After a malfunction in an elevator causes Alexa Monroe and Drew Nichols to be trapped together, we learn that Drew needs a date to his ex’s wedding and Alexa surprisingly agrees, although barely knowing the guy. They forge up a little scheme to pretend that they have been dating for the last month so that Drew can survive the intolerable night. After a few too many drinks and coziness that only a wedding can provide, the two find themselves a little tipsy and ends up spending the night with each other in Drew’s hotel room. The two cannot deny the feelings towards each other, but Drew is a playboy, and Alexa thinks herself too shy for commitment. After a few weekends of visiting each other, and through the ups and downs, the two must face each other and figure out once and for all how they feel towards each other.

What Drew Me In: Honestly, I’m not much of a romance reader. A good Nicholas Sparks book here and there is fine. (which by the way, I do plan on having a review up for Every Breath soon!) However, my co-worker actually showed me this book, because our Romance section was lacking things from this century and it didn’t have Fabio on it. I could tell it was a cute book, so I decided to give it a try.

My Thoughts: This was a fun and light read, and after reading 15 books in a row for my Book Crazy reading challenge at the library, I needed something fun to digest. I will admit, this book is a little cheesy, and it gave me some fanfiction vibes. None-the-less, you really start to love the characters as you get to know them. Alexa is sweet, sassy, and is incredibly hardworking and task-focused. She would be the girl you would want on your side. Drew, although too much of a “fuck boy” for my tastes, in the beginning, comes around and you see a kind, gentle man who truly cares for the kids he takes care of at the hospital. These two come from opposite ends of the spectrum, but it was fun to watch them fall head over heels for each other.

Oh, and I love the long distance aspect. Some of you may know, but my hubby and I were long distance for a very long time. We met as friends over the Internet, and it blossomed into what it is now. I will never forget the first time I flew to see him, I was a bundle of nerves and it felt amazing to finally hold his hand. Our first kiss was a little awkward, I couldn’t wait for a more romantic time, so I kissed him beside his car in the airport’s parking garage. 😅 mushy stuff aside, I will always appreciate a book with the long distance theme to it, it brings back good memories for me. Although let us be real, you would have to make a ton of money to fly back and forth to see people every weekend. That is a little unrealistic to me, even if Drew is a pediatric doctor and Alexa works for the mayor.

This book also has some hints about the racism we face in our country today. Alexa is a black woman, and rightfully proud of it, but she knows what some of the world thinks of her. She struggles with comparing herself to the other women of the story, like all of Drew’s friends, who are mostly white. She feels dishearten when she visits a rich, white community to debate on going forth with her project to help colored, at-risk teens in her neighborhood and doesn’t get the reaction she wanted. And she hates when people come up to her and asks the age old question of “But where are you from??” as if she is an alien visiting from another planet. The author does a great job with not going overboard with the hints, to keep the story light and fun to read, but it gives me a different perspective on what other women face in our country, especially since I am as white as mayo. (yuck!)

If there was one thing I would say negative about this book, it is that the two main characters act pretty immature about their relationship the whole time. Yes, I get it, it was supposed to be a “kind of one-night stand” thing. But seriously, if two 30-year-olds are spending that much money to fly back and forth for sex, you should have the emotional security within yourself to actually set boundaries/restrictions between each other.

Would I recommend this book?: Yes, I would recommend this book. It’s fun, sweet, and a good read with your girlfriends. Don’t take the book to seriously, and realize that it’s NOT a 50 Shades kind of thing (Thank god, I dislike that book so much). The book also has some fun questions at the end of it so it could be a great option for a book club/reading group, but keep in mind that it is a little NSFW in some moments.

Summary: Alexa and Drew meet in a trapped elevator in a hotel, and to pass the time, they snack on the provisions Alexa brought with her to meet her sister. They talk about their upcoming weekend plans, were Drew reveals that he’s in town for his ex’s wedding, which he is dreading. Alexa does pity him, but nothing more is said about it until Drew has a “light bulb” moment and asks Alexa if she would be his date to the wedding so that he doesn’t look like the lonely best man. Alexa agrees, surprising even herself. After a night of texting each other, they figure out a plan to make it look like they have dated for a while to fit the “scheme”.

The following day, Alexa shows up with her bright “political” smile and dazzles everyone, including Drew. The wedding was full of booze, laughter, and dancing, which ended with a smooch or two between Alexa and Drew. Alexa finds herself in the same hotel room as Drew, and the two spend a very passionate night together. The morning after, Drew is torn between spending more time with Alexa and needing to fly back home, so unknowingly to Alexa, he changes his flight to the later evening one, and the two spend a sunny Sunday eating tacos in the park. When he does leave, they both struggle with wanting to see each other more, so for the next month, they fly back and forth to each other on the weekends.

The trips give them time to learn more about each other, to see their homes, their friends, jobs, etc. Along with this, however, they come across speedbumps that in the end, put a halt to their relationship. Alexa feels like she is just another one-night-stand to Drew since all of his other relationships end that way. She leaves early in the morning, leaving Drew still sleeping in his bed, all because the two just can’t seem to have that nail-biting talk, “What are they?”.

Drew realizes that he is in love with Alexa, and shows up the night of her big debate with the town of Berkley. Alexa needs all the support she can get, and with the help of her amazing co-workers and big sister, she wins the approval to go forth with her program to help at-risk teens in her neighboorhood. Drew surprises her at the end, and the two finally realize that they wanted to be official. With that, Drew moves to Berkley and is a pediatric doctor for the local hospital, and we get a glimpse into the future, a year from then, when Drew purposes to Alexa in the same elevator they were stuck in.

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    Sounds like an interesting read.


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