The Happiness Project

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So it has been about a month since I have wrote anything on here. My bad….

But in reality, that’s okay. I needed that break. Between work and then we were gone from the 8/9 – 8/19 for a trip to see my family in Texas. And then I came back, and work decided I needed TWO big projects thrown at me, which… guys… I’m exhausted from. But they are done. Thank goodness…

I still have plans on keeping this blog active and of course, reading. I have two books at the moment, Fatal Thrones and The Outsider, Stephen King’s newest novel. Which by the way, I have only started and it is disturbing as fuck. Like seriously. Wow. It’s been a while since I have read one of this books, guess I forgot how much of a weirdo the guy really is. A good kind of weirdo though…

I am also planning on exploring a world for my writing. Not EXACTLY sure on plans just yet. But stay tuned. I am very excited for this opportunity. 🙂

I suppose that is all that I have to report for now. Hopefully a new book review will be up soon, follow my Instagram (@thelibraryladyblog) for updates. Love you all, and have a happy Sunday ♡


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